Bridge Loan

Bridge Loans are designed for a short period of time until permanent financing is in place. These loans “bridge the gap” between times when financing is needed.

Ideal for borrowers that have time constraints, special financing needs, needed to secure working capital and customized for many different situations.
Up to 70% LTV
Rates starting at 7.5% – Interest Only
12, 24, 36 month
Nationwide (in major markets)
Close quickly
Must have an “Exit Strategy”

Property types include: Mixed-Use, Multi-Family, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Lt. Industrial, Self-Storage, Automotive, Restaurant/Bar, and more.


Needed For Submission

1. Executive Summary
2. A Complete 1003 and Personal Financial Statement for all Borrowers
3. Current Trimerge Credit Report (within 30 days)
4. Color Pictures of Subject Property
5. Rent Roll
6. Operating Statement (Last 2 Years and Year to Date)

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